Zuid-Holland AI connects people, business, talent and academia in the field of AI, data and digitalisation.


Strong ecosystem

Zuid-Holland invests heavily in research & development and economic activity in the field of AI.

The regional potential for growth based on AI is estimated at almost
€ 3 billion in additional added value in the next three years.

About Zuid-Holland AI

We’re all about strengthening the Zuid-Holland AI ecosystem. 

We focus on connecting, reinforcing and making our AI ecosystem more visible. Our goal is to accelerate developments and innovation in the field of AI, data and digitalisation.

AI network organisation in Zuid-Holland

Zuid-Holland AI is a network organisation of companies and knowledge institutions in Zuid-Holland that work with artificial intelligence (AI). Zuid-Holland AI unlocks one of the largest AI ecosystems in the Netherlands, which consists of the Zuid-Holland knowledge institutions (home to more than a thousand academics with a specialisation in AI), the business community and public partners.

We’re an official partner to The Netherlands AI Coalation (NL AIC) and recognized as a hub for the province of Zuid-Holland.