Get to know our AI ecosystem

Did you know Zuid-Holland is one of the largest regional ecosystems for AI in Europe?

Zuid-Holland invests heavily in research & development and economic activity in the field of AI, data and digitalisation. The region’s three universities and two related university medical centers join efforts in a strong AI knowledge cluster with maximum societal impact. The regional potential for growth based on AI is estimated at almost € 3 billion in additional added value in the next three years. More than 100,000 jobs are expected to be affected.

Facts about Zuid-Holland

  • Largest academic AI community in The Netherlands, with 1000+ active scientists with a specialization in AI
  • Nr. 2 hotspot for AI startups in The Netherlands: >26% of Dutch AI startups are established in our region
  • Large market for B2B AI solutions: with a major representation of leading Dutch industries like port & maritime, manufacturing, horticulture, health- & bio sciences, energy and security
  • Mission-driven: making an impact for societal challenges with AI is a key interest for both our science and business community

University AI labs

Multidisciplinary research takes place in the AI Labs of TU Delft (TU Delft AI labs), Erasmus University Rotterdam (ECDA), Leiden University (LIACS / SAILS) and TNO (Appl.AI). Because AI plays a role in many application domains, scientists who do research in AI and with AI come together in these labs.


Field labs

Scientists, governments and companies (from SMEs to multinationals) are working in various field labs on innovations involving AI data and digitisation, such as RoboHouse (cognitive robotics for smart industry), SAM|XL (automated production of large lightweight composite structures), Do IoT Fieldlab (5G and Internet of Things), DigiCampus (innovative digital government services) and Living Lab Scheveningen.


ICAI labs

Zuid-Holland houses five ICAI labs, in which TU Delft is working on concrete applications in the field of AI together with large companies:

  • AI ​​for Retail lab (AIR lab) with AholdDelhaize for innovations in the retail industry
  • AI for Fintech Research (AFR), a collaboration with ING focused on AI for Fintech
  • Mercury Machine Lab, a collaboration with University of Amsterdam and
  • AI ​​for Biosciences Lab ( Lab), a collaboration with DSM, aimed at improving production technologies and developing biobased products with AI
  • Police Lab AI, a collaboration between the Dutch Police, Utrecht University, University of Amsterdam and Delft University of Technology.

Startups, scale-ups & industry

Our partner InnovationQuarter publishes a market map of the AI Startup and Scale-up ecosystem for the province of Zuid-Holland. The 2021 version holds almost 150 startups – about a quarter of all AI startups in the Netherlands. Read more on