A bit more about us…

We’re all about strengthening the Zuid-Holland AI ecosystem

Zuid-Holland AI is an official partner of The Netherlands AI Coalition (NL AIC). We’re focused on connecting, reinforcing and making the AI ecosystem in Zuid-Holland more visible. You’re very welcome to join us!

Strong regional ecosystem

Our focus is on strengthening the regional ecosystem: the close cooperation between the knowledge institutions and public and private organisations in Zuid-Holland in the field of integrated AI knowledge development and innovation.

Accelerating innovation

Our goal is to accelerate developments and innovation in the field of AI, data and digitalisation. We’re passionate to support and help shape application areas that can benefit from the possibilities of AI, in line with the NL AIC focus areas:

  •  Security, Peace and Justice
  •  Port and Maritime
  •  Energy and Sustainability
  •  Healthcare
  •  Technical Industry

Dutch AI Coalition

We’re an official partner to The Netherlands AI Coalition (NL AIC) and recognized as a hub for the province of Zuid-Holland. The development of our community strengthens consortia and fastforwards ambitions in the AINED-report ‘Versnellen, vergroten en verbinden’ and is a concretisation of the Action agenda (PDF) of the NLAIC.

Showcasing economic activity

We’re very happy to showcase companies, knowledge institutions and other parties that work (or want to work!) with AI. We’re currently working on expanding our website and adding some functionalities, such as guest blogs, AI cases and company profiles. Feel free to reach out to us if you’d like to be a part of this.

Our partners

As a network organization, we’re built on a collaboration between various knowledge institutions and public partners.


Knowledge institutions

Working together in the AI, Data & Digitalisation – Convergence Alliance:

Alongside other knowledge institutions:

 Public partners