We welcome you to the third episode of our new video series: Dutch pioneers in Artificial Intelligence. In this series, you will get to know some talented entrepreneurs running very diverse companies with one common denominator: they are leading the way in the development or use of AI. They push boundaries, disrupt their markets and lead the rest of us forward.

We meet up with Yannick Maltha, CEO and co-founder of UbiOps. This The Hague based company helps you easily run and scale AI workloads on-demand on GPUs, saving data analytics teams time and money.
UbiOps offers data specialists an easy-to-use platform to turn AI models into production, without
the need to rely on complex infrastructure knowledge. The platform is being used by startups, scaleups, multinationals and government organizations.

In this episode, Yannick Maltha tells us more about UbiOps and we have Joris Mollinga from DuckDuckGoose talk about UbiOps from a user perspective.

👋 UbiOps, a Dutch scale up in turning your AI models into live, scalable services
ðŸŠī Founded in 2016, the first version of the platform was launched in december 2019
🌍 Visit them at www.UbiOps.com 
ðŸšĐ Located in The Hague, Zuid-Holland
ðŸ’ŧ Interested in working at UbiOps? Check out their job openings

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