Erasmus Data Summit

The Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics invites you to Erasmus Data Summit 2021. Every year the Erasmus Data Summit explores relevant topics and questions regarding the societal impact of data and AI. This year, the topic of the Summit is ‘Data – Who is in Control?’ – a controversial question with no answers yet. Society is more and more […]

XP Spotlight FinTech

Online Event

The expert practice of this XP spotlight is FinTech and the topic englobes Blockchain and Tokens!

ECDA Leadership Challenge Spring 2022

Online Event

The use of data and application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) will without any doubt change the way we will do business in the future. As a matter of fact, today it is already changing businesses, governmental organizations, and educational institutions. But what is needed to make Artificial Intelligence a valuable part of the way we […]

XP Spotlight Trial Design & Experimentation

Online Event

Alexandre Isnenghi, with more than 30 years of experience in the ad agency world, including a VP position, will host a workshop about the Future of Online Advertising. He will explain his view of the transition from TV to online advertising. More information to be announced!

XP Spotlight Psychology of AI

Online Event

The expert practice of this XP spotlight is Psychology of AI and the topic englobes decision-driven analytics.

XP Spotlight Virtual & Augmented Reality

Online Event

The expert practice presenting this XP spotlight is Virtual & Augmented Reality and the topic englobes business opportunities of VR/AR.