AI Meet Up: Ethiek & AI (Mondai)

Mondai House of AI @ NextDelft

Mondai House of AI en AI-wetenschappers van de TU Delft presenteren maandelijks een editie in de serie AI Meet Ups. Op 27 september vindt de eerste editie plaats in Mondai House of AI op de TU Delft Campus met het thema Ethiek en AI. Met het gebruik van digitale technologieën en AI in het bijzonder komen dringende […]

Design for AI Symposium

Mondai House of AI @ NextDelft

Mondai House of AI en de TU Delft Industrial Design Engineering (IDE) faculteit heten iedereen van harte welkom op het eerste Europese Design for AI Symposium op 14 oktober 2022. Hoe ontwerpen we plaats en mogelijkheid voor menselijke groei en welzijn in een wereld vol kunstmatige intelligentie? Hoe bouwen we veilige en betekenisvolle relaties tussen AI en […]

Mondai SME Inspiration Session

Mondai House of AI @ NextDelft

We at TU Delft want to inspire you and your organization with opportunities that lie ahead by leveraging Data! In this era of digitization, data is the new oil and data science is the new engine. Data science and analytics catapulted digital giants like Amazon and Netflix. But can SME’s gain a competitive advantage? We […]

Update session European AI Act

Mondai House of AI @ NextDelft

The Dutch AI Coalition (NLAIC), the AI Hub Zuid-Holland and Mondai House of AI happily invite you to join this session about the European AI Act. Where do we stand now with the AI Act and how should organizations prepare for its implementation? In 2021 the European Commision published a proposal for an AI Act. […]

AI Meet Up: AI voor Drones

Mondai House of AI @ NextDelft

AI for Drones Recent years have seen massive improvement in drones, both in terms of hardware, as well as in the accompanying software for control and utilization. In this session – together with Prof. Dr. Guido de Croon (TU) and Michaël Ozo (XOsight) – we will explore drones from very small to big, highlighting some recent developments […]

Three Approaches to Running your AI/ML Workload in the Cloud

Mondai House of AI @ NextDelft

Are you spending too much time on the details of setting up your AI/ML workloads? Having access to cloud resources through Cloud4Research does not answer the question on how to efficiently use these resources.  In this session, you will learn about the relevant services for AI/ML workloads, and how to apply them in your research. AWS Solution […]

Machine Learning and Decoloniality: TPM AI Lab speaker-series

Online Event

Join the final talk of the TPM AI Lab speaker-series, Intersectional Approaches to AI The Intersectional Philosophy of Technology working group is delighted to have Abeba Birhane join them online to speak on “Machine Learning and Decoloniality.” Birhane is at the forefront of her field, working as a cognitive scientist researching human behaviour, social systems, and responsible and […]