Summer’s over, which means we’re back with the second set of five episodes of our video series: Dutch pioneers in Artificial Intelligence. In this series, you will get to know some talented entrepreneurs running very diverse companies with one common denominator: they are leading the way in the development or use of AI. They push boundaries, disrupt their markets and lead the rest of us forward. 

Today we’d like you to meet Erwin Haas (Founder/CEO) and Jacob Boon (Data Solutions Consultant) at Landscape. Under the motto ‘Creating value with AI’, this Leiden-based agency helps companies discover what AI can do for them: make better use of data, accelerate processes or developing smarter products.

With their focus on safe, transparent and explainable AI, the Landscape team makes everyday activities easier, faster and richer. They understand business and know how data and AI are tools to add value to your organization. In this video, Erwin introduces us to Landscape and Jacob tells us a bit more about the models they created for an insurance company.

👋 Landscape, a Dutch consultancy agency connecting business and data science
ðŸŠī Founded in 2014
🌍 Visit them at
ðŸšĐ Located in Leiden, Zuid-Holland
ðŸ’ŧ Interested in working at Landscape? They have several job openings!

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