Hackathon For Good [The Hague]

More info coming up soon! https://www.hackathonforgood.org/hackathons/the-hague-5 https://www.hackathonforgood.org/join-us    

AI Meet Up: AI voor Drones

Mondai House of AI @ NextDelft

AI for Drones Recent years have seen massive improvement in drones, both in terms of hardware, as well as in the accompanying software for control and utilization. In this session – together with Prof. Dr. Guido de Croon (TU) and Michaël Ozo (XOsight) – we will explore drones from very small to big, highlighting some recent developments […]

ECP Deelnemersspecial, Bestuurlijke besluitvorming rond AI [dutch only]

Nieuwpoort Bezuidenhoutseweg 67, Den Haag

Full program: https://nlaic.com/agenda/ecp-deelnemersspecial-bestuurlijke-besluitvorming-rond-ai/ ECP | Platform voor de InformatieSamenleving organiseert samen met de Nederlandse AI Coalitie en Capgemini een ECP Deelnemersspecial over hoe de bestuurlijke besluitvorming rond AI binnen uw organisatie kan worden versterkt op maandag 28 november in Nieuwspoort Den Haag. Tijdens deze bijeenkomst hoort u meer over de impact van AI op ons […]

Three Approaches to Running your AI/ML Workload in the Cloud

Mondai House of AI @ NextDelft

Are you spending too much time on the details of setting up your AI/ML workloads? Having access to cloud resources through Cloud4Research does not answer the question on how to efficiently use these resources.  In this session, you will learn about the relevant services for AI/ML workloads, and how to apply them in your research. AWS Solution […]

Tensor Network Kernel Machines

Online Event

Date: December 6th, 2022 Time: 16:00-17:00 Location: Zoom Speaker:  Kim Batselier In this talk I will present a new kernel machine model that is obtained by introducing a low-rank tensor constraint onto the model weights. In this way it becomes possible to learn billions of model weights from data in seconds on a laptop without […]

Responsible AI Meetup by Deeploy

Erasmus University Rotterdam

Welcome AI & Machine Learning Enthusiasts to the 2nd Responsible AI Meetup! ℹ️ About this event AI becomes more and more fundamental for tech companies. No matter whether we talk about personalization, optimization, automation, or decision support; AI is changing the way we work in every aspect. And while it has undeniably proven its potential, we […]

Law, AI, and Regulation (LAIR) Conference

We are pleased to announce our International Academic Conference on Law, AI, and Regulation. The conference will be held over two days in Rotterdam on 8 and 9 June 2023. A call for papers will be published in January 2023. Stay tuned! The conference is supported by Erasmus Graduate School of Law, Dutch Sector Plan: […]

Machine Learning and Decoloniality: TPM AI Lab speaker-series

Online Event

Join the final talk of the TPM AI Lab speaker-series, Intersectional Approaches to AI The Intersectional Philosophy of Technology working group is delighted to have Abeba Birhane join them online to speak on “Machine Learning and Decoloniality.” Birhane is at the forefront of her field, working as a cognitive scientist researching human behaviour, social systems, and responsible and […]

AI Masterclasses – Smart Cities & Digital Surveillance [Dutch]

Erasmus University Rotterdam

Locatie: Erasmus Data Collaboratory (Polak gebouw, 1e verdieping) op Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam campus Planning: 17 – 17.45: lezing over smart surveillance met Q&A 17.45 – 18.15: pauze met snack 18.15 – 18.30: decentrale roundtables over 4 cases met ethische dilemma’s 18.30 – 19.00: bespreking cases en afsluiting (uitloop tot 19.15) Met de enorme toename aan […]

Delft AI Lab Lunch with AIFluids & Delft AI Energy Lab

Mondai House of AI @ NextDelft

During this AI Lab Lunch the AIFluids Lab and the Delft AI Energy Lab will present themselves and their latest developments. The AIFluids Lab is about AI and fluid mechanics: for better planes and wind farms. They focus on two major challenges of fluid mechanics: predicting and controlling complex, unstable and turbulent  flows. They want to combine human and machine insights to […]

Convergence AI Mixer: Fasttracking climate resilience with AI

Mondai House of AI @ NextDelft

Quickly, AI is starting to define all our industries – but we wonder if it can also help us solve the bigger societal issues we are facing. Especially in the Netherlands, the threat of climate change worries us all. Can AI help us change its course? Or help us adapt to what it changes? Due […]

European Career Fair: Dutch Talent Coalition @ MIT’s 2023 ECF

Hiring tech talent? The Dutch delegation cordially invites you to join the MIT European Career Fair from 23 until 27 February 2023. Joining the Dutch delegation is a guaranteed way to get in touch with hundreds of highly talented individuals who have graduated from top USA universities. The 2023 European Career Fair The MIT European […]